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 Dresden Skees-Gregory is the Principal of Sustainable Environmental Services Corp (SES), and personally provides most services to clients. She holds a BS in Environmental Science, a MS in Environmental Science and Engineering specializing in water quality, and is a PhD student in Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University. She is a LEED Accredited Professional, and is a registered ISO Environmental Management System Provisional Auditor.

Dresden has nearly two decades of experience in a variety of sustainability and environmental fields and has worked all over the country. She spent five years in environmental regulatory compliance for high tech firms, handling all aspects of industrial environmental discharges and impacts, and achieving ISO 14001 certification for two facilities. She spent three years at Xerox working on green product design, certification, recycling, and end-of-life management. For 2 ½ years Dresden was the Sustainability Coordinator at Portland State University, working on all aspects of sustainable operations and building at the University. Most recently, she spent 2 years working on energy efficiency and management with a local consulting firm. She became a full-time Principal of SES in 2008.


  • Energy management consulting and auditing – Dresden was the Project Manager of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s and US Dept. of Energy’s pilot of the new ANSI Management Standard for Energy, which became the global ISO 50001 energy management standard. She has also provided energy management consulting and project validation for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, The Energy Trust of Oregon, and several northwest food processing companies. Dresden is trained in the US Dept. of Energy's Energy Star Portfolio Manager program, and is well equipped to help commercial buildings located in Portland comply with the new energy use reporting requirement that begins in April 2016.
  • LEED registration/green building management and consulting – Dresden has significantly participated in the LEED registration of three educational buildings, including a historic remodel and a research greenhouse complex.
  • Green operations and maintenance consulting – Dresden has extensive experience in facilities management and operations through her many years of work in environmental compliance in the facilities departments of high tech companies, and from her work with the facilities department at Portland State University.
  • Market and product research and strategic assessment – Dresden has performed market research for the Connecticut Energy Conservation and Management Board, and The Energy Trust of Oregon. She has also done extensive product and literature research on development projects and green building materials for the LEED certified buildings she worked on.
  • ISO 14001 & ISO 50001 certification consulting and auditing – Dresden worked inside two high tech firms to achieve ISO 14001 certification for one site for each company. One certification was obtained in 9 months, the other in just 6 months. She has experience in creating ISO systems from the ground up, as well as blending ISO 14001 processes into existing ISO systems. She has now assisted several companies in achieving certification to ISO 50001, and . She also performs ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and Superior Energy Performance audits for several certification bodies, has hundreds of hours of internal auditing experience, and is a registered Lead Auditor.
  • Sustainable project management – Dresden has been the project manager (both internal to companies and on contract) for construction and retrofit projects ranging from a few tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. She also has many years of experience in writing requests for proposal, statements of work, evaluating bids, selecting contractors, and overseeing contract performance.
  • Native & Wetland landscape/habitat design and permitting – Dresden has supervised several wetland delineations, restoration plantings, and survival and water table monitoring. She has even designed some of the planting plans herself. She has also developed integrated pest management plans for maintaining conventional and native landscapes, and obtained Salmon Safe Campus certification for Portland State University’s entire campus. Dresden is a certified Habitat Steward through the National Wildlife Foundation, and has designed wildlife-friendly habitats for educational and research buildings, several private homes, and an apartment complex.
  • Stormwater and Erosion Control management and permitting – Dresden has specialized training and many years of experience in stormwater management systems design and permitting. She has worked with large construction sites, sloped conditions, and very strict local regulations.
  • Environmental regulation permitting, auditing, and consulting (includes wastewater, stormwater, wetlands, hazardous waste, HazMAT shipping, and air emissions) – Through her many years of environmental compliance work, Dresden has had the opportunity to work with all types of legal compliance, permitting, and auditing. She has spent hundreds of hours auditing all types of environmental media. She also has over 40 hours of training each in emergency response, hazardous waste management, DOT HazMAT shipping, air emission permitting, habitat restoration and design, and additional training in erosion control and stormwater management.

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About Sustainability

Sustainability means meeting the economic, social, and environmental needs of the present without compromising the similar needs of future generations.

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is defined as energy which, in its production or consumption, has minimal negative impacts on human health and the healthy functioning of vital ecological systems, including the global environment, and that can be supplied continuously to future generations on earth.